7 Reasons to Hang a Hammock Chair in Kid’s Room


Hammock chairs has a soothing embrace attached to it, only a few things can match this. The therapeutic effects of the chair are felt instantly, lulling us to relaxation and raking our cares away. A hammock chair is not designed for adults only, it is perfect for kids too. In fact, it is one of the best pieces of furniture to have in your kid’s room. 

Here’s why you should have a hammock chair in your kid’s room.


1) Yes to the reading habit.

With the distractions, all-round, kids find it so difficult to focus on only one thing at a time, which is what reading demands. With the reading habit on the wane, a hammock chair comes in handy. It invites kids to curl up and swing to a gentle rhythm. That will make them concentrate better and longer.

2) Hello, old friend. 

When you place a hammock chairs in your kid’s room, you watch it become their go-to companion over the years. hammock chair has this irreplaceable feel of comfort and timelessness. Even with furniture replacement and room renovations, a hammock chair will remain a cherished item.


3) No more nightmarish “voids”. 

Heavy furniture is tough to move when cleaning, they hide stray foodstuff, toy parts, dust bunnies, and they hide grime. A hammock chair gives none of that cleaning nightmares, it allows you to vacuum with ease to keep your room clean and tidy.


4) From sensory overload to sensory integration.

Processing all the senses comes naturally to many kids but children with autism and sensory problems find it challenging. Sensory overload can make them feel so out of balance. A hammock chair provides a soothing and calm feel, encouraging sensory integration, and keeping the kids from feeling overstimulated.


5) A security blanket – hammock style. 

The cocoon-like nature of the hammock chair helps with cradling kids in a big, warm, and loving hug. The safety feeling that comes from this is next to a security blanket. Hammock chairs has the advantage of giving the kid comfort, a comfortable swing, and much more.


6) The perfect baby settler.

I can’t think of a better baby cradle than Komorebi’s hammock chair. It mimics the comfort of the mother’s womb. It is large enough for parent and child, this makes it the perfect solution for rocking your child to sleep.


7) Firing up the imagination.

Imagine what your kids could do with a hammock chair in their room. With all those creativity and imagination, with the ability to turn anything into something fantastic. They could use the hammock chair to give flight to their friends and make their playtime unforgettable.


8) The ideal mood-booster.

I have never seen anybody got off a hammock chair in a bad mood! The fun of swinging in a hammock chair cannot be ignored. The mood-boosting and calming effect induces relaxation, chases away stress and crankiness, and brings the mind to focus. Place one hammock chair in your child’s room and see how much they’ll love it.


9) A workout without working out.

Core stability and strengthened legs is a surprising benefit that comes with having a hammock chair in your child’s room. Each time they use it, even if they are not swinging, they unintentionally enhance motor control stability. Since, the chair is never completely still, when they are sitting on it, they are compelled to balance themselves, this is when the magic happens.

Our hammock chairs are perfect for kids and adults alike. They are large and can accommodate more than one person, they can support as much as 150kg, this allows your kids to pile in and have the time of their lives. They are safe and comfortable. Our hammock chairs are a great addition to every child’s room.