Hanging Hammock Chairs

The Komorebi Collection Hanging Hammock Chairs

After a long day, you kick your shoes off to unwind with your favourite book or perhaps listen to some of your favourite music. Often you’ll sit on the sofa but you just can’t get comfortable. Don’t settle for something less comfortable and boring, you deserve better.

Acquire utmost relaxation with our boho inspired macrame hammock chair. Designed to offer you full back support, so you can sit and relax for hours without being uncomfortable, allowing you time to truly disconnect from the chaos of the day and reconnect with oneself.

What’s more, you can finally make use of that empty corner in your home to create that perfect tranquil space.

Our Hammock Chairs are made of the highest quality materials and come with a unique side pocket where you can store your book, iPad, TV remote control, or anything that you need to access conveniently without standing up.

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Adjustable Nylon Rope Hanging Kit
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