12 Months Manufactures Warranty

All Komorebi products come with a 12 Months Manufactures Warranty and are guaranteed to be free of defect in materials and workmanship. We will gladly replace any Komorebi product with a manufacturing defect within 12 months of original purchase by registering below. Komorebi products are designed to withstand normal outdoor and recreational use. To prevent premature weathering, we recommend indoor storage for our products when not in active use. We do not warranty against normal wear and tear. Fading and weathering due to prolonged exposure to sun, rain, snow and heavy humidity, is not covered by our warranty. We do not warranty against rot, mold, mildew or damage from improper storage, maintenance, installation, or modification.


Returns Under Warranty

Returns under warranty are accepted only after issuance of a return authorization that can be obtained by emailing us at hello@thekomorebicollection.com. All warranty returns must be accompanied by an original receipt or proof of purchase. Please be prepared to email us photos of any defects.


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