10 Items You Need to Have the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Picnic


Enough of the yearly routine of testing out the up-and-coming restaurants. Try something different, something that guarantees quality alone time with your date: A Valentine’s Day picnic. You have to figure out the right spot before addressing what you need to take with you. Head out to your favorite sunset viewing spot on a beach, a secluded park, or a little alcove on a natural trail. If the weather at your location does not favor an outdoor picnic, move the date indoors, somewhere with a great view or by a fireplace.



Picnic Basket

All romantic Valentine’s Day picnic needs a picnic basket. The old wicker basket with two flaps and some disposable cutlery. Now that you’ve known the basics, you’ll need to add the Valentine’s Day special decor to spice up the meal. You can top off the settings with something cute and romantic, like flowers to set in the middle or a candle if it’s not windy. Show you put thought into planning the date by going all out with the decor


Wine or Champagne

I would suggest a red cabernet, it goes well with the holidays. Choosing to fit the general color scheme for V-Day, a glass of white also works well with the sweet vibes attached to Valentine’s Day picnic. As long as you don’t sip too much, wine helps to keep your mood relaxed – learn to pace, nobody likes a person that cannot pace. Don’t forget to bring a corkscrew.



Because V-Day is one of the few days in the year where we are allowed to eat enough chocolates, healthy foods like fruits rarely make Valentine’s menu. Fruits count as one of the most sensual foods. Choose fruits that make the theme of your date; go for red or pink-colored berries, and if you have.


Cheese and Grapes

Cheese and grapes give your romantic Valentine’s Day picnic the perfect ambiance. Foods that require small bite-size ensures you don’t have crumbs on the side of your mouth or ruin your lipstick. Also, to start getting in the mood, you can easily feed your date cheese cubes and grapes. “Cheese is the most important food group for love,” UF theatre Major Cory Kennedy said – “your date will not be whole without a handsome Swiss by your side, pun intended.” Here’s a pro-tip, it’s easier to use a cutting board and a cheese knife than using a paper plate on the grass.


Loaf of Bread

Unless your date has a severe gluten allergy or something related to that, you can never go wrong with bread. Except you are getting a French baguette, consider adding a loaf to your romantic Valentine’s Day menu, you can eat it along with wine, cheese, and grapes. Since French is the language of love, anything French is considered more romantic.


Heart Shaped Sandwiches

After listing bread earlier, sandwich sounds like a repetition, but carbs can be enjoyable. Make a heart-shaped sandwich to show your date the effort you put into the meal. Fill bae with whatever meats or cheese they enjoyed most. While the rest of your meal consists of chocolates, desserts, and pastries, you’ll need real substance in your belle to keep you going.



When it comes to romance and pastries, Paris knows exactly what it is. Petit four are very cute small decorative cakes. The French have provided so many options you can choose from, you can choose a tart and crispy Tarte au Citron, or you can choose the sweet and fluffy éclair. Another pastry option you can choose from is the photogenic Macaron. They hit the spot anytime. You can grab two of each flavor to excite your taste bud.


Hot Chocolate with Homemade Marshmallows!

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, whether it’s 30 degrees outside or anything in-between 8o degrees, hot chocolate with marshmallows will not disappoint you like that guy that left you on read! Technically, Valentine’s Day falls in the winter season, everybody has an excuse to bust out a hot coco mix. You can make the drink at home before going for the picnic and save it in a thermos. Heart-shaped marshmallow toppers add romance to your V-Day picnic.



Hundreds of pink, red, and heart-shaped desserts exist to make your Valentine’s Day very romantic, but sitting outdoors on the floor limits your choice. Cupcakes are perfect, and red velvet with cream cheese frosting and heart-shaped sprinkles taste divine and complete the color scheme.


Chocolate… Lots of it.

Every February 14, chocolate does not count as ‘dessert’, it becomes a priced commodity. In the U.S. alone, over 58million pounds of chocolate get sold on Valentine’s Day. Apart from smelling and tasting divine, chocolates increase your dopamine levels significantly, increasing your pressure. You can dip in your fruits, bread, and even your fingers. Chocolate goes with literally everything. The smooth and delicious nature of chocolate is an ideal mood-setter, it set a sweet mood for your date. I will recommend dark chocolate: it is sweet and it doesn’t hurt the heart. With all the positives attached to chocolate, you already know you can’t remove chocolate from your list. Bring a pot of melted chocolate to your Valentine’s Day picnic and get wild!